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This Grant for the Web call for proposals focuses on practical activity to catalyze Interledger-driven business models for the web that expand financial inclusion. Interledger is an open source protocol that connects all types of ledgers to allow simple transactions, no matter the location or currency. On the Web, an Interledger-powered ecosystem provides opportunities for creators and publishers to benefit from new financial models, especially through using the open source Web Monetization API


Business Plans for Web Monetized Content

We are interested in proposals that investigate the relationship between specific content types and consumer appetites for monetization. Proposals need to make a compelling plan to generate users, build a Web Monetized community, and offer value propositions that are different from traditional web business models. Read more.

Web Monetization API & Interledger Prototypes

We are interested in proposals that have a plan to build important technical infrastructure that will advance the capabilities of Web Monetization to launch new business models for the web. Proposals need to clearly define what the work is with a realistic timeline and budget, and be focused on shipping a beta or minimum viable product. Read more.

Research on/with/for Web Monetization API & Interledger

We are interested in proposals that can articulate a clear research question and devise a plan to investigate it with a commitment to share that learning with the wider community.  Proposals need to define what the research methodology will be and assemble a team with practical and theoretical knowledge to carry it out. Read more.

Advocacy and Public Education

We are interested in proposals that help grow the Web Monetization community, make the ideas more digestible, and invite new ecosystem players to get involved. Proposals need to clearly define a plan to target communities, institutions, companies, and the general public with a dynamic pathway for people to learn about and advocate for openly networked payments enabled by the Interledger Protocol and the Web Monetization API. Read more.


Before beginning your application, we recommend taking this 2-minute eligibility questionnaire. If you have questions, check out the FAQ. If you still have questions, visit the Web Monetization Community Space to discuss the grant opportunity with other creators and technologists.

Deadline for Submissions is Wednesday, September 22 at 19:00 UTC.