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Grant for the Web is a  fund to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization. Learn more.  The problem The web is suffocating under a broken business model. Its economic engine is driven by invasive advertising, data trafficking, AI-generated recommendations, and site-by-site subscriptions.   All of us suffer the consequences, but independent creators and publishers face a particular set of challenges from omnipotent platforms and opaque algorithms that reward clicks, not quality.   The opportunity We believe that better business models can be built within the very fabric of the web itself, starting with the browser.   Grant for the Web aims to build monetization natively into the web by funding the innovation and growth of an open technology stack featuring the Web Monetization standard and the Interledger Protocol – tools that allow small quantities of money to stream in real-time as you browse the web.  

The Need

The proposed Web Monetization standard has been implemented as a browser extension demonstrating the incredible possibilities of Web Monetization as a new revenue model for developers and creators on the web. But the long term goal for any web standard is always native browser implementation. To achieve this, we need talented and enthusiastic engineers to build, experiment, and develop the components required to make Web Monetization a standard part of the web platform

The Solution

Grant for the Web's Technical Scholarship Program pairs independent engineers conducting essential Web Monetization research with browser companies and projects. Technical Scholars are paid by Grant for the Web and work in contractual partnership with the host organization. Each placement has a custom duration, cost, and work scope. To learn more, read about the Browser Technical Scholar opportunity.


  • Experience working in Chromium (Edge, Chrome, Brave, Samsung Internet), WebKit (Safari) or any other browser engine.
  • Experience contributing to open sources projects
  • Deep interest in web payments
  • Experience in self-directed research
  • Experience with the Interledger Protocol and/or the proposed Web Monetization standard is not required but is a bonus


Please fill out the following application. It will take you around one hour. You'll need to sign up for a (free) Submittable account to complete the form.